JB Cattle Co & Jeremy Dunn Training

Colt starting, problem solving, tune-ups or cattle work.

Clinic opportunities available. See our current years calendar for dates and times.


Patience, Trust, Confidence, Ability

The price for training is all the same, $1250 per 30 days. This includes feed and board.

Whether it be colt starting, problem solving, tune-ups or cattle work.

Jeremy likes to expose the horse to as much as possible while it is here.

From groundwork on up to checking the cattle, cutting, sorting or roping a calf.

As soon as the horse is ready they hit the hillside.

Jeremy's incredible feel and timing gets the horses soft, responsive, confident and ready for whatever your pleasure or need may be, trail riding, the branding pen or show ring.

The owners are encouraged to come watch what is happening with their horse(s) and towards the end of their stay it is highly recommended for the owner to come and take lessons with Jeremy and their horse to better understand how to get along with them. 

Horses are not computers, they cannot be programmed and therefore the owner(s) / handler(s) will need to understand what and how the horse has been taught.

Our goal is to give the horse and owner enough tools to have a dependable and solid partnership.

Please read or Training Contract

You may contact us for questions or to book a spot for training. 


email @ brandiedunn6@gmail.com