JB Cattle
                                                                           Jeremy and Brandie Dunn                                     
                                                                                Broken Arrow Ranch              
                                                                12000 Cottonwood Creek/White Oak, CA. 93560                                          

 Horse’s name_______________________________________________ Color___________________________

Brands Yes or No if yes describe_________________________________________________________________


Breed______________________is horse registered - Yes or  No  Registration number_________________  sex___________________

On this the 2016, _____________________ . the Owner of this horse, and Jeremy Dunn/JB Cattle Co. and The Broken Arrow/Ranch, as hereby agree to the following:

Trainer, who is skilled and experienced in the care and training of horses, agrees to exert his best efforts in training and tending the above described horse
    and to use and maintain the horse in accordance with currently prevailing and lawful standards for the grooming, care and treatment of horses.

1.      Training shall be provided on the premises located at JB Cattle Co./Broken Arrow Ranch, 12000 Cottonwood Creek, White Oak, California.

2.      The training and/or boarding schedule will begin on (date) _________________and continue through (date)____________________________ .

         Owner agrees to pay Trainer the sum of $________ dollars per month 30 days for training. Board for the horses is included in the sum listed above. If
         there are any make-up days due to weather or illness only a boarding fee of $9 per day will be charged to cover feed/board on those lost days.     

3.      In addition to the above specified board and training fees, payable to the Trainer, Owner shall pay all farrier and
         veterinary expenses necessarily incurred.

4.      It is said Owners responsibility to pay all monthly fees and charges accrued on a monthly bases. First payment due upon delivery of horse for training.
         Please make checks payable to Jeremy Dunn. 

5.      Either party may terminate this agreement at will upon written notice to the other party, effective when received by the other party. All
         unpaid fees/charges must be paid at that time.

6.      It is understood that all fees/charges are to be paid within 10 (ten) days of the billing date otherwise a late payment fee of not less than 15 (fifteen)
         percent will be incurred. A $25.00 (twenty five dollars) charge will also be incurred for any returned checks.

7.      Owner hereby agrees to grant a lien to Trainer for all unpaid charges.

8.      While on the premises of JB Cattle Co. and The Broken Arrow Ranch, Owner shall be required to obey all instructions, regulations, safety orders,
         and directions whether posted or given orally or in writing by the Trainer or his significant other. There will be no exceptions.

Owner's Address _________________________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone_____________________________ Work Phone__________________________________

Owner's Signature_____________________________________________________ Date_______________________________


Horses are sometimes unpredictable in behavior. Being on or around them poses certain risks
These factors, understood by those who own,  train and service horses, must be clearly understood by the Owner before signing below. 

I, the undersigned, hereby release The JB Cattle Co., Broken Arrow Ranch, Jeremy and Brandie Dunn, their families and heirs, their agents, employees, 
representatives and spectators, from any and all claims, demands, action or causes of action of any kind or nature whatsoever, 
whether unknown, known or ascertained, or which may hereafter develop or accrue to me in favor of myself, my spouse, my children, or anyone else, 
on account of or by reason of any injury, loss, or damage, which may be suffered by me or them, or to any property, 
animals or inanimate belonging to me or used by me. 
I hereby assume and accept full risk of danger or any hurt, injury or damage which may occur through or by any reason or any occurrence, matter, 
thing, or condition, by any person whatsoever.

Owner Signature __________________________________________________ Date_____________________________