Ranch Roping

Jabeer, the horse in the top after 60 days riding. 
The second picture is at Pat Puckett's roping clinic in Tehachapi.


That is our stallion Cody holding by himself and my Sagie in the background by the fence. Steele was sleeping in the truck the whole time!

This is Min (also pictured on the top of the training page) branding at the Loop Ranch in Keene, Ca. Spring 2005.

JB Cattle Co. Fiesta 2007

Fiesta at Jerry Sterlings


Pat and Deb Pucketts 2006

Tejon Ranch Roping 2007

JB Cattle Co.
Jeremy, Brandie, Sage and Steele Dunn
Broken Arrow Ranch
POB 1661
Rosamond, Ca. 93560