Update 09/28/11

Ojos in the two-rein and doing awesome! Jeremy said he took to it as if to say "what have you been waiting for?" He even has a whole different attitude.


Update 1-15-09

Can he get any fatter?! I am going to have to talk to Jeremy about this! I took this picture today as he was getting ready to give a lesson with the cattle. Do you love the braids??? Jeremy did it himself and I am sure he will be very happy I took a picture of it and told you all that he did it. He has not been getting enough work lately and has been rubbing his mane off so he is attempting to salvage it.  

Mustang News since the Makeover is finally in! updated 11/28/08

The last few months have been very busy for us. We had Martin, our new friend from Sweden come and spend a week with us following us around with his camera. During his stay we also hosted Richard Caldwell's clinic here at our ranch. Jeremy rode Ojos alot during that time and had to rope a wayward heifer during the clinic. He had never actually roped and asked him to hold anything yet and of course he rose to the challenge. (I will get the pics to prove it up soon!) We have been equally busy with the cattle with shipping some to preserve the winter pasture. I never updated this page after we got home from Reno with him either...........Jeremy did several demos with the horse there and I figured since we were there he might as well sign up for a couple of shows. So I entered them in the reining, working ranch horse and the cutting. Well, after running away with Jeremy in the reining he came back to redeme himself in the WRH and the Cutting taking first place in both. More to come!

2007 Extreme Mustang Makeover

There are a lot of pictures on this page. Please reload the page if any pictures fail to load

The show is over and the results are in!!!


Jeremy and Ojos made it to the finals and finished 12th out of 100 in the end.

We are very, very proud of them! 

A BIG Thank you to Diana Palmer for all your wonderful pictures!

Sage and Steele at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame Museum in Ft. Worth
Group trainer photo

This is Jeremy and Joe Misner, a fellow competitor we met up with on the road. When they got up in the morning they went for a quick ride together. We stayed at a wonderful place in New Mexico called the Roc n RC Ranch, both on the way out and back home again..We traveled along with Joe and his family. What a wonderful group of folks and boy, you should hear his daughters sing! Brought me to tears both times I got to hear them. It was great to meet all of you!

The Judging 

Being judged on conditioning.
Manuevering the groundwork portion

Pivots both directions in the box during the horse course portion

Trotting over the poles and into the L then backing out of the L
The beginning of Jeremy and Ojos during his freestyle in the finals.
Tracking a cow in the finals
Jeremy telling a bit about Ojos at the auction just before the bidding went up to $6000!!!
He was bought by Lifesaver Wild Horse Rescue to continue training with Jeremy and make appearances on behalf of what wonderful horses mustang can be.

Here are a few youtube videos I added.

the horsecourse in texas


9/10/07-So we hauled Ojos to Dr. Ellsworth in Tehachapi today for his health cert. Jeremy rode in a friend's arena afterward so he wouldn't loose any time and we had to stay in town for Sage's dance class at 4pm. We have been so busy with our leaving town preparations I have not been able to take any pictures lately.Ojos is doing very well and Jeremy is feeling very sad about the thought of him not coming home with us. It sure must be hard to pour that much heart and soul into them and then watch them leave.
9/3/07 So we are down to the wire now and feeling the pressure. Ojos has had a few days off since we noticed him a bit off in the hind. He was having trouble holding himself together in the lope so we decided he needed to see a chiropractor. Since we had come this far it would really stink to have him go lame and not be able to be part of the competition. Or have a horse in pain! She noticed the same without being told of our concerns (we are skeptics) and made some adjustments. Jeremy and I both agreed "the proof is in the pudding". While she was working on him he wrapped his head around her arm and licked his lips, letting loose of his mouth. He was also very active in the trailer and not lacking behind while being led. Everytime Jeremy got out of the truck to open a gate on the way home, Ojos walked around the trailer keeping him in sight. It was kind of funny, like he was saying "I'm all ready to go back to work now!". He will continue on his supplements and get a few more days off so I will have to wait til they are back in the saddle to get a better video on youtube, now that I know how to do it.

8/26/07 The results from the schooling show! How proud are they?! I only entered them in four classes but they wound up in six. Here is how they placed, trail was 3rd, working western pleasure 3rd, working western equitation 2nd, reining 2nd, western pleasure novice horse, 2nd, and Novice horse 1st place!!! We had a wonderful time despite the driving wind and sand. I will get more pictures up soon.

Here is Sage, Steele and I, the kids on Bru. What a wonderful horse in her own right! Yeah yeah I know this is Ojos' page...........but she's his girlfriend! Sage brought home three ribbons of her own. Not to mention braving the aweful sand storm too.
Sage assuring Ojos that everything will be fine
before the parade started.
Sage on Bru and Jeremy on Ojos, he was a perfect gentleman even when the
helicopter came barreling down the parade route real low.
After walking the entire parade route leading Sage it struck me...........
why didn't I ride a horse? I guess I just wanted to make sure Sage was safe. I should have known Bru would take care of her.
Jeremy has wanted to make sure to include cattle work and now we have gotten an update saying there would be cattle for the top ten if they wanted them. So here they are playing.

These pictures were taken 8/13 during his demo at the BBQ . I just love his soft eyes (hence his name) and check out his ears. Constantly asking, is this what you want?

As long as Jeremy says it is okay he would follow him through fire.


 8/13/07 We had a really great time at the bbq this past weekend. Over 150 people turned out to support us and see Ojos. The evening started out with Jeremy giving a demo with his horse and showing how far they have come...............I was milling about visiting with this person or that when I happened to look into the arena and see Jeremy with the leadrope portion of his mecate around the horse's leg. In an instant it dawned on me what he was doing!!! He never mentioned anything about it and I had been busy all week prior to have seen what he was preparing to do. See the pictures below. It was one of the highlights of the night. We were all very impressed with the horse trusting him that much in so short of time to give him the ultimate sign. He laid him down smooth as silk. He did not hit the ground in a thud and could have completely refused since he was not restrained and there were so many people watching him, but Jeremy asked him to do it and so he did. I am pretty sure I was not the only one teary eyed. After Ojos rose to his feet with Jeremy aboard they went about riding and showing other things they have been working on. Dragging a log and sidepassing over it. Texas is going to be fun and sad at the same time seeing the horse go.
Then we all moved back over to the bbq area and had some wonderful food. Jeremy's substitute teacher from high school, Tony Vice had seen an article in the Tehachapi News and came with his wife. He happens to play music and had brought all his gear so he provided awesome entertainment. Jeremy knew he was coming so he brought his guitar also. He and his dad used to sit many nights when the work was done playing guitar and singing on our front porch. Someone asked Jeremy to sing a favorite song of our daughter Sages', so Jeremy asked her if she would sing with him. Her first answer was no thanks.............followed quickly by OKAY! So up on a chair she went singing every word while tapping her leg along to the music! I have to say that was definitely another highlight! Then we raffled off all the wonderful things we had. Of course Sage had the fever to have ahold of the microphone so everyone was trying to encourage her to tell all the family secrets! She was a riot!


So now comes Monday morning and we are barely recovering from all the planning and excitement, then it strikes us.................we should call up Dal Bunn the manager of the Loop Ranch and also a rodeo announcer and see if we could get Jeremy and Ojos included in the Grand Entry at this coming weekends rodeo during the Tehachapi Mtn. Festival. Then it snowballs to "what about the parade"? And of course Sage wants in on the parade................so off we went to enter at the chamber since last Friday was the last day to enter. Well, we got in and if all goes well with preparations this week Jeremy will lead Sage from Ojos on her horse down the parade route on Saturday morning in Tehachapi. It is a wonderful town and the Mountain Festival is a ton of fun.
I am going to get a blm flag this week that he will carry just before the rodeo beginning. Also if you would like to see a few neat articles if they are still available online. One is in the Mojave Desert News, printed a few weeks ago. Another in the Tehachapi News from last week, where Jeremy grew up, and the Bakersfield Californian will run a story on them both tomorrow, Tuesday. As soon as I can get a breath I will update the website with some neat pictures too. I need to have my friend, Angie out, she is the one who helped me make our website to help me make a page all of his own. I don't know how to do it myself!

Brandie Dunn



8/5/07-I realize I have been doing a horrible job of keeping this updated, but I do have a very good excuse! Sage as we speak is rolling around on the floor telling me stories. Thankfully Steele is asleep.............ugh! Well we went out to Phelan today where they were having a mustang playday. It was Ojos first trip off the ranch aside from the fire evacuation. He is so awesome!!! He hauled to church with us and waited in the trailer in the shade, greeted a few visitors. Then after church hauled another hour and a half to the playday where we met David Lee Archer and his mustang Spirit Dog. 

Then Jeremy rode in the arena and tried out a few new obstacles, just like home!
Even the buffalo was no big deal!

7/25/07-Jeremy and Ojos ventured out of the arena today. I came home just as they were heading out. Ojos looked like it was his hundreth ride. He rode out to the back of the property and took a look at some of the cattle. Then they crossed the creek and came over to the house where I was unloading the car and watching the kids jumping on the trampoline. He was a bit wide eyed but he did so well. Jeremy kept telling me to ride him but I was not dressed for riding so maybe another day. What wonderful horses.

Okay Jeremy, get the mustang out of the yard!!!
Ojos first ride!
We have set a date for the fundraiser BBQ/Meet and Greet the mustang, Ojos. It will be August 11th at the Moonraker Ranch just outside of Rosamond, Ca. It will be potluck style and we will supply the drinks. There is not a cost just donation. We will have tons of fun stuff the raffle off after dinner. Everyone is invited! We are also selling raffle tickets for a butcher steer donated by us and a silent auction for a Jack Terry painting called "The pay is the same, rain or shine" that was donated by Dr. Sid and Sallie Clark. Tickets will be available at Bootbarn and Hemme Hay in Lancaster and Tehachapi, Van Dam in Lancaster.As well as several other locations soon. I will keep that info posted.

7/6/07 Today was another great day for Ojos and Jeremy. He continues to build his trust and has saddles him for the second time. Ojos never even offered to buck, just looked to Jeremy for the answers. He is also starting to put weight in the stirrups which he handled pretty well. 

6/22/07 Today was another wonderful day for Ojos. Jeremy is able to pick up his feet now and swing the saddle pad on his back. He is stepping across a bridge and stepping over logs. He still is somewhat unsure but is willing to trust Jeremy. He is also handling the steady flow of spectators and getting his picture taken over and over!

 6-14-07 Jeremy has named his horse Ojos (eyes in spanish) because his eyes are just to melt in. He has been working him almost everyday, even when I haven't had the camera ready! He is already haltering him and fly spraying him. He has touched him all over with the flag and he was very good. I went out to tape and watch tonight and after the darn battery died I got to touch him on his head and shoulders. He is so neat I just wanted to wrap my arms around his neck!

Stay tuned!!!
6-9-07 We arrived home today with Jeremy's mustang. He is a 4yr. old gelding
from the Calico Mountains near Winnemucca, NV.
We picked him up at the Palomino Valley, NV facility. We were completely taken aback with the number of horses we saw there. If I had to guess how many there were I would have to say at least 1500 animals. There is certainly a need for something like this to raise awareness of the need for suitable homes with professional help in most cases in order to have a successful relationship.

I plan to take pictures/video of the progress to keep everyone posted. We plan to have a few fundraiser BBQs this summer where in addition to great food and company you will be able to see Jeremy work his mustang and share in the journey.We will post the dates on the website. Hope to see everyone then!