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 Both standard mid size, mini size and Jersey/beef crosses

Clean tested herd for Johne's, BLV & BVD

Introducing our registered Miniature Jersey Bull "Barley"

Halcycn Barley

DOB 6/21/20

40" at the hook A2/A2 and polled

We have a few of our beef cows bred to Barley for June 2022 calves.

These should should be some dandy little dairy/beef crosses perfect for a homestead family cow.

As calves become available pictures and information will be posted on the page linked below



Clara is our family milk cow


46" at the pins

Clara is wonderful mother and milker. High cream producer and always raises a nice calf.

Bred to Barley for an April 2022 calf



Pixie is out of our family cow Clara

sired by registered miniature Jersey bull WDR Beau

Pixie will be bred to Barley later this year

What is a Miniature Jersey?

"A Miniature Jersey is classified as being under 42” in height with a number of them being in the range of 32” to 36” or smaller.

Small Jerseys that are between 42” and 46” will be classified as Mid-sized Jerseys."

American Miniature Jersey
Registry & Association


Please call  661-771-6396 with questions on sales

or email us at brandiedunn6@gmail.com