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 Mini and Mid sized Jersey and Jersey Beef cross page

also providing Miniature Jersey Bull Service

Our dairy herd has been tested clean for Johne's, BLV & BVD 2017

Along with having our beef herd, we also have our herd of Mini and Mid size dairy cattle.

We make cheese (both hard and soft) butter, cream, ice cream, sour cream and of course they provide us with fresh raw milk for the table.

The smaller size of the Mini and Mid sized cows require less space and feed and have worked perfectly with our homesteading way of life.

This year we used our Mini Jersey bull Cotton (see below) on our mid size cows. 

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Our Dairy Cows


50" at the pins

50/50 cross mid size Jersey & Angus. She produces wonderful calves and sweet creamy milk

Photo below, September 2016, Blossom surprised us with twins!


**Blossom delivered a strong, healthy bull calf 11/20/17**

Calf will be 75% Jersey / 25% Angus



46" at the pins

2015 we added a mid size Jersey heifer to the ranch.

This sweet girl has joined Blossom in providing our family with wonderful cream and lot's of milk.


**Clara delivered a beautiful 24" healthy heifer calf 10/27/17**


JB Miniature Jersey Bull "Cotton"

First calves due Summer/Fall 2017



Beta Casein Tested - A1/A2

2 yr. old - 40" @ the hip


Standing to approved disease free tested cows.

Cows coming in for service must show proof to have been tested and clean for

**BLV, BVD and Johne's within 3 months of service**

Sorry no exceptions. This is for our herds protection as well as your own.

We retain the right to refuse service to any cow upon arrival and inspection.

Price per cow $500.00 - which includes 30 days with the bull, feed and board.

After 30 days there will be a $10.00 a day boarding fee. 

Additional fees may apply for cows requiring milking.

Everything needed for bio-security testing may be purchased from
UBRL Livestock Diagnostics
Fresno Ca.
including pregnancy testing.

What is a Miniature Jersey?

"A Miniature Jersey is classified as being under 42” in height with a number of them being in the range of 32” to 36” or smaller.

Small Jerseys that are between 42” and 46” will be classified as Mid-sized Jerseys."

American Miniature Jersey
Registry & Association

Please email with questions on sales or with interest in breeding to Cotton.